Steve Reich's Six Pianos last night at Haus der Rundfunks

Arianna and I went to see Steve Reich’s minimalist masterpiece Six Pianos last night at the Haus der Rundfunks (Grosser Sendesaal), performed by the pianists Gregor Schwellenbach, John Kameel Farah, Daniel Brandt, Paul Frick, Erol Sarp and Kai Schumacher. It was quite simply brilliant! From the expert playing of everybody involved to the lush acoustics of the venue, we feel as if it could hardly have been any better.

In addition to the main piece, we were also treated to a number of compositions beforehand, both by the players themselves and by artists such as Moderat and Wolfgang Voigt. We especially loved the compositions by our friend John :slight_smile: :musical_score: :musical_keyboard:

A studio recording of their Six Pianos rendition:

Here’s a set of photos taken by me of the concert:

One of John’s pieces from when they performed Six Pianos at the Kölner Philharmonie in 2016:

Sad I missed this! No idea it was even happening :confused:

Too bad you missed it @jiratrello, it was super nice!

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