How to post an event?

Hi Everyone!

I would like to share an event with you but I cannot figure out - even after I went through FAQ and topics - how to “post” it on the event catalogue.

Am I missing something?

The event is happening this Saturday 13/4 so if someone here has a quick reply that would be appreciated.

Thank you and nice to e-meet you all!..

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Hi @microseq! To post events you have to be registered on, and ask me (being the administrator) to flag you as an organizer (providing your username). I’ll then get back to you once you have permission to post events on the site.

May I ask where the event will be? I have to manually add the venue to the database, in case it’s not already there.

Hi @aknudsen! I am registered on with this account but not flagged as an organiser The event will be at Trippen Concept Store. You can review all the details of the event here:

Thank you for your time and for itself!

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@microseq Could you try reloading the website now and see if you get an Organize link on the menu bar? If you click that, you should get the form to post events. Not all browsers work equally well, I would currently recommend Chrome as Safari is a pain with date pickers and Firefox uses 12 hour clock which can be confusing when entering time.

As for the image URL, it’s optional (default is venue image), and has to be the URL to an image (you can copy the link from a Facebook image f.ex.). The description is in Markdown syntax.

Thanks @aknudsen ! It works. I can now post the event. Would be nice to see you there :slight_smile:


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Great - I can see the event got posted! Welcome! :slight_smile:

Hi Arne! Wondering if you could flag us as an organiser so we can post an event at Ausland in November? Best wishes! And really glad to be part of the community xx

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Hi! I’ve flagged you as an organizer. If you reload the website, you should have an Organize entry on the main menu bar.

@bitchnmonk Did this work for you?

Yes, worked perfectly thank you! Posted an event on November 8th at Ausland. Thanks for checking!!

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