Forma - Physicalist

Forma, a three-man experimental synth outfit out of Brooklyn, NYC, were responsible for one of my best concert experiences last year, at beloved local venue Arkaoda.

I’d listened to Forma’s music before, but seeing them live really opened my eyes to their genius and made me understand what the hype is all about. Their free-flowing combination of (seemingly at least) improvisatory electronic sounds, using modular synths, and saxophone, plus live electronic drums, was both exhilarating to experience in a live setting and intellectually stimulating.

After the concert, we bought a copy of their Physicalist LP, to be honest because I thought the cover art was really beautiful. It also turned out to be drawn by fêted cover designer Robert Beatty, who the aesthetics made me think of immediately.

Back home I immersed myself in Forma’s discography, and found that I really dig what they’re doing. And Physicalist turned out to be my favourite among their work, even though I love their latest album as well.