Favourite Berlin concert venues

What are people’s favourite concert venues in Berlin? I think for me, it must be the following ones currently (in no particular order):

  • Arkaoda
  • Spektrum
  • Silent Green
  • Funkhaus
  • Kantine am Berghain
  • ausland

I still need to go to KM28 and Petersburg Art Space though, as they both have tons of great concerts :hugs:

@aknudsen Thanks for this list, I am visiting Berlin and came across this forum and now ive got lots of cool stuff to check out :clap:

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Thanks @teafela, really happy to hear that this service/forum is helpful! A big motivation behind it is to help people visiting or new to Berlin. I assume you’ve checked out the event catalogue? If you’re logged into it you can also mark interest in events and keep track of what you want to go to (just check your profile page).

I visited KM28 in the meantime, and it’s a really cool spot! Definitely a recommend, as they have some of the better curation in Berlin.

BTW if you’re into music tech @teafela I can recommend visiting Common Ground who put on lots of music electronics workshops and even concerts. They also sell kit and are home to music tech maker Koma Elektronik.

Another great spot to check out that has workshops (and concerts etc.) is Spektrum. Bonus: It’s not far from Common Ground!

In no order…

  • West Germany
  • Spektrum
  • Loophole
  • ACUD
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