BLUES BUMPS #4 - Music & Visual Performance

East Side Delta and BLO-Ateliers are proud to present the 4th chapter of the concert-series BLUES BUMPS, a sweaty voyage towards the roots of our music through Blues contaminated artists, but it’s not all about Blues.

You’ll experience heavy, raw, mystical and psychedelic sounds & visuals. The chapter #4 will transcend music that will inspire the visual show by Meta Morphosis Performance. On stage:

TOURETTE BOYS [Power-Psychedelic-Blues]:
Der ZORN der Boys!! Blues-soaked anger is the vibrating pulse, psychedelia is the mean. ZORN is a lonesome and raging scream in a valley of psychedelic riffs!

TURBINE STOLLPRONA [Marzahn-Kraut-PostRock]:
Impervious riffs, enchanted effects leading to the Marzahn landscapes, from the highest top to the smallest Pfuhl. The fine trumpet of Roberto Vicchio will garnish the set.

Never frozen or preconceived, her palette of artistry is reinvented through places, people, and meetings to think each performance as a living and unique creation.
She’ll give you a visual dimension, synthesize the music of both bands into liquid-light and a graceful moving body.


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