Alessandro Cortini + Lawrence English - Immediate Horizon

This album that came about last year through a collaboration between respected sound artists Alessandro Cortini (member of Nine Inch Nails) and Lawrence English (head of the Room40 label) is probably the album I listened to the most in 2018. It’s an atmospheric, droney record, that I might most closely classify as “dark ambient”. Being an ambient kind of music, it’s not the busiest listen and rather evolves over time, but there’s enough going on beneath the surface to engage the listener. I feel as if this sort of “pulsating”, somewhat aggressive, ambient music is a signature style of English’s, as it reminds me of attending his concert some years ago at Fylkingen in Stockholm :slight_smile:

The reason I’ve listened to it so much (and keep listening to it) is probably that it goes really well with work (coding). I feel as if it enhances my concentration instead of taking away from it, and I don’t tire of it either.